Rosie Pacla [Vocals]

Hometown: Queens, NY

Your personal influences or Favorite bands?
• Kings of Leon
• Tides of Man
• Incubus
• Pierce the Veil
• Sleeping with Sirens
• Circa Survive

What else do you do, like & love?
• Pharmacist
• Aspiring Yogi
• Amateur Photographer/Lomographer

What do you write about? 
• Personal experiences
• My heartaches, like all writers
• My triumphs in life

Who do you write for?
For anyone who feels like they’re going through the same things. Music has helped me through so many trials during life, and I just want to repay that back to the universe and help/inspire others as well.

What do you feel your music tone is like, is it sad, happy, rocking poppy?
Alternative rock with a splash of pop.

What instruments do you play? 
Just my voice box. I actually started off dabbling in guitar and drums, but pharmacy school life got too hectic to dedicate practice time and the voice is really the most convenient instrument of them all. I’d do vocal scales in the car while on the way to clinicals.